Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fresh Cut Flowers

If you are reading this blog, you probably enjoy entertaining in your home.  When you plan your meal, a great deal of time can be spent choosing the menu, the right ingredients and the presentation for your guests.  For me, planning a garden for your home is just as important as planning any meal.  As with food, we tend to choose things that we enjoy and gardening is no different. 

Choosing the right plant material can allow you to have interesting and consistent bloom and foliage for making a centerpiece that will wow your guests.  You can easily bring the outdoors inside by using your garden plants to create interesting arrangements. Whether large or small, the sky is the limit when you have enough varied selection in your yard.  We like to choose perennials that produce lots of blooms easily used for cutting.  For instance, our favorites include daisies, hydrangea, roses, gladiolus and cannas to name a few.  We include easy to grow herbs for foliage in an arrangement as well as for their fragrance. 

When you shop for plants, remember to note when they bloom and read the information on the tag as it will often say whether the blooms are good for cutting.  Don’t limit yourself to perennials, but look at different shrubs for year round interest in the garden.  We even use a favorite perennial called Lenten rose and winter blooming camellias when cold weather keeps you indoors.

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