Sunday, May 19, 2013

Flat bread simple and hearty

Breads are the perfect match to any meal. Sometimes they can be the meal itself. They are so versatile and loved by many and for that reason are consumed during breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between. Sweet breads are great for breakfast and they can be an awesome snack or dessert.  
 Yeast rolls, dinner rolls and French bread are well known to complement any dinner meal, but don’t forget the flatbread!  This is an amazing bread that can be used for any meal by simply topping with an assortment of sweet or savory items.  You can also add herbs or other dry ingredients like grains or seeds to the bread before baking to add flavor and consistency as desired.  One of my favorites is rosemary and garlic.  Fruits and cheeses can also be used to enhance or create a unique presentation.

I really enjoy having flatbread to create “pizza” for my family, utilizing leftovers for the toppings.  Today I prepared lasagna pizza and macaroni and cheese pizza for the kids, and artichoke dip pizza for me and my wife.  It is a great way to make a new dish out of leftovers that kids will eat without a fuss.  They actually ask for this pizza again and again.  You can also engage your kids in the creative process by letting them come up with unusual combinations themselves.  Don’t laugh, I actually asked my wife if I could make baked bean pizza and she rolled her eyes.  But don’t be afraid to try unusual combinations!

By making your own dough, you can add healthy ingredients to it and control the portion size by shaping and controlling thickness.  We will often make bread dough with the idea to make several types of bread in the process.  Our flatbread dough made several extra pies that will be eaten for breakfast or lunch and also part of the dough was shaped into bagels for later.

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