Thursday, January 10, 2013

Staghorn Ferns grow well indoors

Staghorn ferns are very interesting-looking tropical plants. They are epiphytes, meaning they need plenty of air circulation to thrive. All epiphytic plants require a host or structure upon which to grow. In the wild, they attach to trees for their support. They do not harm the host like parasites would. Like orchids, they can grow well indoors and they are a great addition to any home requiring minimum care. Hang a Staghorn in a sunny window, and mist once a week and you will have a beautiful plant with fuzzy fronds that will remind you of a big buck's antlers. Staghorns grow best in temperatures higher than 65 degrees Fahrenheit and never colder than 55 degrees. Keep in mind that they can get quite large and heavy when they mature. They can be divided from the original plant in a few sections depending on the size of the plant and reattached to a piece of bark or a hanging basket.

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