Monday, December 3, 2012

Pruning – Double-edged this time of the year!

If you look around your yard, more than likely you will have a plant in need of some pruning. You might also find some plants that have bright colored berries and beautiful foliage that can be used to decorate your house for the holiday. Cuttings from your garden are a quick way to guarantee the freshest greenery and save you money.  It is another chance to bring in the outdoor beauty inside. Nandinas and “Red Elf’ pyracanthas are good choices for holiday decorations.  American Holly, yaupon and selections of Chinese holly are also good choices.  Most neighborhoods have an abundance of plants that can be used and you can share with others what you have in your yard to swap for what you need.  Look also for white pine, magnolia and Leyland cypress to spruce up your mantle or dinner table.

…Winter and spring are good times to prune.  Pruning is sometimes necessary to give an old shrub a chance to produce new growth, reshape and cut back a plant that may look out of place. I like to use hand pruners, not hedge trimmers. Cut canes to slightly different heights to achieve a natural look. With these tips you can be sure to have a beautiful living or dining room and your yard will reap the benefits as well.

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