Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's show time for camellias

Camellias are wonderfully fragrant with stunning, enchanting blossoms. Hardly affected by the early winter frost, camellias are a traditional favorite in Southern gardens. Pictured here is Elizabeth Weaver, C. Japonica. Placed strategically, these glossy green evergreens can turn heads with colors ranging from red hues to bright whites. The contrast of the vivid colors of its blooms against the rich green foliage is astonishing. Their fragrances can be likened to those of other familiar favorites such as honeysuckle, magnolia and jasmine.

When choosing a location for planting, remember that Camellia japonica can get quite large. Camellia sasanqua is available in numerous sizes for smaller spaces. Also, sasanqua has a more delicate leaf and growth habit. The larger japonica is more broad leafed and denser in growth. We chose a sasanqua that is a dwarf as a foundation plant right at the entrance to our home. It blooms close to Christmas and it is a medigarden, however large or sum pink that is a double bloom. Also, we have a white variety growing in our back yard that explodes with color in the fall. It is a large bloom with spectacular yellow stamens in the center. It reminds me of a small magnolia bloom. As a "southerner" it is my duty to recommend these old-fashioned beauties to any mall.

Legendary fashion icon, Coco Chanel was notorious for wearing a white camellia!

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