Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Decorating Mediterranean Style

It is always recommended to avoid extremes when choosing paint for a house that you intend to put on the market. We suggest using light colors and very soft tones that could match or accommodate any kind of furniture potential buyers may have. On the other hand, if you know you are not going anywhere soon, you might want to experiment with more daring colors and styles you have seen and liked when flipping through designer magazines.

Mediterranean colors can turn a lifeless room into a warm and inviting area. This style showcases muted red tones and rich yellow hues that include brick red, terracotta and peach. Relax; these colors are not going to induce a headache every time you enter the room. In fact, warm Mediterranean paint colors can soothe the nerves and give rooms a comfortable feel that will also complement most furniture and fabrics.

Furnishings made of wrought iron are definitely a must have to help you achieve the look.  If you have pottery items in your house, they can be important accessories in Mediterranean-style decorating. 

Different types of wooden candle holders, fruit displays and wine racks, will create an ambiance of family togetherness. Adding just a few simple accessories can go a long way for the correct look and feel and not necessarily break the bank. 

Large over-sized furniture, warm earthy colors, rustic finishes and you will have a Mediterranean look! 

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