Saturday, October 13, 2012


When having a window that is massive in size, the last thing you want to do is cover it – especially if it comes with a magnificent and powerful view. That is normally the case if you have a custom-built house with windows strategically placed by the architect. We have a tendency to associate the word window with window valance, curtain panels, blinds and shades, window toppers and curtain rods. All these elements do not have to be present to give your windows a designer edge. The new look is all about simplicity. If privacy is not an issue, you don’t have to cover what could be an extension of a confined space. A window with a view can add value to a home so don’t rush to cover what can be an asset. Always remember that a natural source of light can make a room inviting and full of life. A room to read or entertain family and friends is better served with lots of light! Beware of houses built with a “cookie cutter” blueprint that is used over and over in a subdivision. Depending on the location of your lot, this can create a problem. If a window gets an excessive amount of light, try a professionally installed window film to increase energy savings, sun control and privacy. 

The film will also block UV rays that can cause damage to the home furniture. Avoid the use of heavy drapery that can make your room look gloomy. Yes, a dark room can be great at times if you have problems sleeping, want to get rid of a migraine or if you live with a vampire.

Let your imagination explore new possibilities, keep the clutter away from your home and let the designer in you come to life! 


Inés said...

I totally agree, it's great to explore new possibilities, I'm an architect, and let me tell you, we rarely design windows to cover them with curtain panels, blinds and shades, and this film is a wonderful alternative!
My apologies for being a bit absent ... work, work, work ... ugh!
I'd love to know what you think about my new post ...
A big hug!


Carlos said...

Thanks Ines!


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