Sunday, July 29, 2012

What are you chewing today?

Black Jack Gum, Beemans Gum, and Clove Gum are a flash from the past! Do you remember when gum came only in a stick?  No fancy packages or sugar substitutes.  Black Jack gum was the first flavored gum in America; a licorice flavor enjoyed since the late 1800’s. Beemans gum was created with the intention to relieve heartburn. When first formulated, a digestive aid called pepsin was one of its ingredients. Clove gum has been valued as a breath freshener since the Prohibition. It was used to cover the scent of alcohol from people’s breath.  

  Old-fashioned candies and gums are sold with one marketing strategy in common, the memories they bring back of a bygone era. The packaging alone is an interesting study in how simplicity can sell. Each of these gums have a very old-school wrapping that is easily recognizable as vintage.  They contain only 5 sticks of gum, compared to their contemporaries which offer a dozen or more. With everything from Facebook to contest information, the new wrappings go for broke. They employ strategies of patterns, color, flavor combinations and allergy information to entice the consumer.

Nothing wrong with the way manufacturers are promoting their products; in fact in today's market they have to use any available tools to win a spotlight. Gum manufacturers pay special attention to their consumers wants and needs. Kids are a big part of the chewing gum demographics and parent-approved products are studied very closely. The flavors of the old-fashioned gums are not exactly the kid's choices at the grocery stores as you would have guessed, but these gums have a very specific target, the older generation. So, with many variables out there, companies scrutinize today's consumer choices to makes sure their products don't become a thing of the past.  What is your favorite gum?


ana said...

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Carlos said...

Thank you Ana. Love your pictures!.


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