Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Vacation

Linzer Torte
We all need to take time off from our regular routines to recharge our batteries. We decided to take a few days off to visit Helen, Ga. in the Appalachian mountains. Helen is a replica of a small German town. All the building designs are of a classic Southern German style and tourism, as you could imagine, is the main industry.

Helen offers many unique places to eat.  The best way to find out where to go to satisfy a hungry appetite, is by asking locals for their recommendation and by checking the restaurant reviews often found online. We love bakery stores and the Hofer's Bakery and Cafe was on our list of places to visit. Hofer is an authentic Bavarian bakery and restaurant serving breakfast and lunch. Linzer German raspberry torte, black forest cake, puff pastries, apple strudel and great Bavarian pretzels kept us coming back.  

After pleasing your palate, tubing is a great way to relax and unwind.  Tubing is big in this town and buses take you up river so  you float your way in. I didn't think I was going to enjoy that adventure, but I was wrong, it was fun and relaxing. 

After tubing, a nap and a round of competitive miniature golf (I lost!), we followed a recommendation to check out Nacoochee Village Tavern for pizza, my kids favorite meal. Great pizzas! They use only flour, fresh un-chlorinated spring water and natural yeast with no additives. Their pizzas are hand-stretched, tossed and baked in a hearth without the use of screens, pans or conveyers. The eatery uses only the highest quality deli meats and cheeses. The vegetables used in the salads are purchased fresh from local growers and produce stands. We had the antipasto plate and we tried their homemade bread; both were just delicious.  We enjoyed the trip and we got the chance to try great meals. Vielen Dank Helen!

Soon we will be making our own Linzer torte. I have a great recipe that I will be sharing with you all shortly. 

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