Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Project

Weekend projects are not always the way we want to spend our time off, but after they are done, you are rewarded and glad that you tackled them.  Hey, it's also a good time to spend reconnecting with your spouse!!!  Ha!  For the longest time, we have been contemplating replacing our carpet in the master bedroom with hardwood flooring.  The thought was daunting and intimidating.  Can we really pull this together and accomplish something that we have always left to the pros in the past?

We know that hardwood floors will help reduce allergens and they are easy to clean.  They also help increase the value of your home and they look great.  Needless to say, we took the plunge.  To begin with, we removed all the furniture in the bedroom.  Wow, the dust that we found was cough, cough, embarrassing (and we claim to be clean freaks).  Glad nobody was doing it for us!  Next we took out the carpet and padding by simply finding a corner to start, and pulling it up.  We cut it in sections and then rolled them up and tied each section as we removed it.  This made it easier to stack in the car for disposal.

The second step was removal of the tack strips that held the carpet in place.  Using a hammer and flat screwdriver, we were able to get these out with very little effort.  It took us only an hour and a half to prep the bedroom from start to finish.

 Next, we covered the floor with 15# felt and proceeded to cut and install hardwood.  It is important to say that we borrowed the power equipment necessary to do the job, but you can probably rent most of the equipment that you need.

Two days later, along with a lot of stooping and bending, we had a gorgeous hardwood floor that looked like a professional install.  Whew!  But boy was it worth it!

2 comments: said...

Looks really gorgeous!

Lien - all new adventures said...

What? You did that?!? WOW! What a fabulous room you have. I'm totally jealous.


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