Sunday, June 3, 2012

Surprise! It’s broccoli slaw!

Strolling through the grocery store you have to keep your eyes wide open to be a better consumer.  I am not only talking about the weekly bargains and double coupon offers, I am referring to the new products making a grand entrance to the food aisles.  Some of these products you don’t want to miss. Have you seen or used broccoli slaw? I have seen it in the stores for a while and wondered if that would be any good. Besides, slaw is made out of cabbage and why would I want to mess with something that is already good to begin with?  I know better than that; I am always looking for products that are easy to use and nutritious for our family.

On a recent grocery trip, I grabbed a bag of broccoli slaw to read about nutritional values and this time I ended up taking a bag home.  My kids were in the mood for Chinese food and I thought I could use these ingredients to create spring rolls to serve with teriyaki pork medallions and Jasmine rice.  

Perfect! We sautéed the entire bag with a little oil and seasoned with pepper and 3 tablespoons of soy sauce. We sprinkled with onion powder and set aside to cool off. 

Once it was cool enough, we wrapped them with spring roll rice paper and we had an easy, delicious dinner that the kids loved and heartily approved.  Getting everyone to agree on vegetables is easy with this kind of dish. The kids don’t even know that they are eating vegetables that “they don’t like!”

Lesson learned . . . don’t ignore those unusual vegetables.  Try to look for new combinations or new packaged vegetables that might offer something a little different, either in flavor or presentation.  It seems to me that there is a definite trend in providing consumers with more ways to make healthy choices.  


katerina said...

look delicious! I must try it :)
Thanks for sharing!

Lien @ said...

Wow, good job with being adventurous with the vegetables (I meant for your kids!). And well done, you, for the rice paper wrapping technique. Beautiful, Carlos.


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