Monday, June 11, 2012

Quick and easy lasagna

We had DIY project and we knew we wouldn't have enough time to fix lunch.  With that in mind, we created an easy lasagna using "no boiling required" lasagna noodles.  Normally, we have spaghetti sauce available for just this kind of day.  We make and freeze enough for the days that we just don't have time to cook.  Not having to boil the noodles, allowed us to assemble the casserole with very little effort.

Using a pyrex that was sprayed with non-stick cooking spray, we layered the noodles, sauce and cheese until the dish was filled.

 We covered it with aluminum foil and refrigerated it until it was time to place in the oven.  We baked it for 45 minutes and let it set 10 minutes before cutting.  Easy!!  It is unbelievable how you can have a delicious lunch, even when you have a major home project that usually consumes all your time.  We managed to replace the carpet in our bedroom and take a break for a fantastic lasagna that we shared with a friend that was helping us get our project started.  Oh yeah, we also had time to write this blog and take the pictures. . . note to others, having grandma watch the kids was crucial!

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Nish Gibson said...

Looks beyond delicious! Fellow food lover!! Yum, I'll be checking back to the site for more lovely foods. New subscriber


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