Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bearded iris is among the most elegant & easy to grow -- flowers of spring

Driving around this time of year, you have seen irises in bloom offering different shades of color. Yes, they only bloom this time of year but that is o.k. Our flower beds should have different plants that bloom at different times to ensure a beautiful display of flowers from early spring through late fall! Irises are very easy to grow and require very little care. So if you think you can’t grow plants, this is a good one to experiment with.

They are very inexpensive and often you can find a neighbor that is willing to share. Most of us like to divide them after 3 to 5 years because iris generally become crowded so sharing is just a given. They are planted shallow, so digging is easy.  In fact if they are planted deep, the rhizomes can rot and kill the plant. So lightly covered with soil is the recommended way to plant them.   The best time to plant iris is July through September. This will allow them to become well established before winter.  Consider tagging the varieties you have when they bloom, so that you know what colors you are sharing.
In my garden I have numerous colors and sizes and to me the foliage is almost as important as the bloom.  The spiky, light green to blue-green leaves are a unique accent in any flower border. 


Lien @ said...

Beautiful, Carlos! The iris is amongst my favorite of flowers, and I'm impressed by your lovely flower beds :-)

P.S. I turned my word verification off after your comments so now I can say the same to you...

I just typed in aleviti Innce to prove I'm not a robot. I'm not, honestly :-)


Angela said...

Great pictures! Your Irises are lovely.


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