Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hibiscus that will take you away... there is one that is perfect for your area.

Painted Lady
I am sure you have experienced some time in your life a Déjà vu instant. That moment in which you have to stop, and wonder if you have lived that instant or you dreamed about it. When I look at hibiscus, I seem to be having a déjà vu moment.  I am at the beach with shorts, sunglasses, flip-flops, a cold drink in hand and a smile on my face.  Only a moment later, I snap into a wicked and irritated reality that I am not at the beach. Oh well, I can't help it, these blooms bring good vibrations and that's what counts! 

The tropical hibiscus 'Painted Lady' freely produces windmill-like, rosy red-pink blossoms with a dark red center.  I took this picture when I visited my father in Florida. The pool area is planted with these beautiful large shrubs. Tropical hibiscus is heat tolerant, excelling in full to partial sun and acidic to neutral, fertile soil with good drainage. USDA Hardiness Zone 9-10.

If you live in climatic zones 4 through 9, you can grow and enjoy a perennial hibiscus. Unlike the tropical plant, these are not woody-stemmed plants.  They maintain a bushy habit that has fleshy stems.  They will produce blooms providing you with a burst of color wherever you need it. Just be sure not to confuse the perennial hibiscus with the tropical hibiscus, which would be killed in winter freezes.  A perennial hibiscus once established, will provide years of colorful blooms. They are herbaceous perennials, meaning that their tops will die down to the ground every winter, but new shoots will sprout back into lush plants as soon as the soil warms up for spring. Read the label attached to the plants to make sure you are buying what you need. 


 Perennial Hibiscus

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Saranya said...

My parents have hibiscus plant in home in India.


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