Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why complementary colors get compliments?

While most of us may not squander a lot of time thinking about the lighting, functionality and colors of a room, all these factors can affect our daily lives. They influence our moods and our thoughts. Colors and lighting affect people in many ways, depending upon one’s gender, age and culture. It has been demonstrated that certain colors or composition of colors tend to get a parallel reaction from most people – the overall difference being in the shade or tones used. So it’s important to take in consideration the usage of a room and choose how much light, color and type of d├ęcor to implement to create an excellent environment. So choose wisely!

Yellow conveys happiness. Green is known to be the most restful color for the eye; it symbolizes nature and creates a mood of balance and harmony. Orange evokes excitement, enthusiasm. Blue is considered relaxing, and serene. Red raises a room’s energy level.  Comfortable furniture, window treatments and room accessories are extremely important to complete your ideal place. My best advice is not to hurry and think what kind of room you like to create. Research online and look through magazines to obtain ideas that you can apply to your masterpiece. It will be yours to enjoy once it is all said and done. 

Don't be afraid to use color! 


Valentina said...

Gorgeous pictures :)

Love your blog.
Valentina de Pertis

Carlos said...

Valentina, thanks you for your comment. I like your blog too :)


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