Monday, February 6, 2012

A Valentine's gift with a twist!

When it comes to food, I am always in favor of homemade rather than store bought. Today, I got in the mail a box with homemade marshmallows that corroborate my first statement. If you haven’t  tried the homemade kind, the ones you may have stored in your pantry can’t hold a candle to the homemade ones.  Yes, you have to master the art of making them and yes, they are messy to make and time consuming, but they are worth it.  Like making bread or any other food that requires certain skills and plenty of patience, they are very rewarding once done. Plus, you have the power to choose the ingredients that best suit your lifestyle: low-fat, sugar-free, low sodium, etc. and you can play with natural or artificial flavors to create something out of the ordinary.  

But wait, don’t think I made these marshmallows myself.  Yes, someday I will feel adventurous enough to make a batch of licorice or molasses flavored marshmallows, but not anytime soon.  You can order these great tasting marshmallows from The Twisted Tine.  Let pastry and confectionery owner, Stephanie create a batch of one of her unique flavors for you or for a loved one. Marshmallows are great all year round; their popularity increases around Easter. You will see them in different forms and shapes, like the famous Peeps. Yes, marshmallow bunnies coated in sugar are loved by many of us in the USA.  So, add a tray of homemade marshmallows to your dessert buffet and enjoy this confection that has been around since the mid 1800's.

My wife the peppermint lover, loves these peppermint marshmallows. My youngest son Matthew, loves marshmallows and really wants to learn how to make them now. 

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The Twisted Tine said...

Carlos, this post put a huge smile on our faces. Thanks for putting together such a beautiful story for us... We're glad to see they got to you safely. :) Thank you for being our first customer to order from our website.

As for the mention of licorice or molasses, we may have to do something about this... if we attempt a batch of either of those, we'll send over a sample for you to test out.

We love this post.


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