Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines and pink blooms from Quince: A quincedence?

Living in the south and having a mild winter, I am not surprised to see the quince in our yard full of blossoms announcing an early spring arrival. Yes, I know we will have some cold days ahead of us, but I am bringing some of this amazing bloom indoors.

I didn't know much about quince. In fact, we just happened to be in Tuscumbia, Alabama visiting our dear Aunt Frances when I was introduced to this magnificent bush. My wife already knew about quince (being a horticulturist) and she assured me we could dig a little plant for our yard.  Now, we remember Aunt Frances every time we see this little promise of spring.  It brings so much joy, especially when the dreary days of winter seem to never end.

We love to force Paperwhite bulbs to enjoy them in our house and we like to experience quince indoors by coaxing branches full of buds. All you have to do is cut branches as you would prune the bush and place them in a vase with water near a bright sunny window.

Quince can grow to 6 feet tall or more. Periodic pruning would help to keep it at a desired size and to eliminate stray unwanted branches. They like full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil.

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