Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tu sei per me la più bella del mondo!

A lot of us have to keep an eye on our budgets. It just seems like everything has gone up in price and we are left with less money to allocate for leisure stuff. Why am I bringing up this painful fact? Well, soon we will be celebrating Valentines and this “holiday” can bring your February budget to the “red” mark.  
Dinner for two can cost you $80, roses and chocolate another $80 and if you buy a little gift you can easily spend your entire gas money for a month. So if you have a reasonable “better half”, you would be better off staying at home and cooking a romantic Valentine’s dinner yourself.  Don’t know how to cook? You can buy fresh pasta such as Fettuccine, Tortellini or Raviolis at your local store. Some stores carry gourmet pastas and sauces, to make your dinner more special. Also, if you have just a regular jar of pasta sauce instead of gourmet, don’t sweat it.  Pour 2 cups sauce in a pot, adding a can of diced tomatoes, one teaspoon of Italian herbs and cook on low for about 15 minutes. Add a quarter cup of red wine and cook for five more minutes adding salt and paper to your taste.  Trust me, it works!   Purchase a French baguette to serve with dinner and serve a fresh garden salad on the side.  Get some candles going and you would be all set. 
Valentine's is not complete without sweets.  Get a martini glass and scoop his or her favorite ice cream and top with whipped cream.  Serve with a few strawberries. Play some romantic music while having dinner to finish the evening on a romantic note.  He or she will feel appreciated and loved. 

Although easy to make, tortellinis can be a little time consuming to make from scratch. The good news is that   they are available in most grocery stores. 

How you celebrate Valentines and how much you spend is up to you. But I am telling you LOVE has to be fed to grow. A romantic dinner with a good wine and a little dessert is always a good way to show and celebrate love.


Kirsten@My German the Rockies said...

Hi Carlos, I like the idea of staying home for Valentine's day. My husband and I never follow the "Hallmark" days to celebrate. I made him some truffles today. Early, homemade, cheaper and better than store bought. We already have dinner plans later in the month. Denver celebrates "Mile High" with the 5280 week. Participating restaurants serve a whole dinner for two for $ 52,80. Doesn't that sound great?
Maybe your city offers something similar?
P.S.: Thanks for finding me today. I moved my blog to Wordpress and lost over 400 subscribers. My own bad.

Carlos said...

Mile High, sounds like a great idea. I will research that. Also, your subscribers will find you. I enjoy your point of view, recipes and pictures. :)

The Twisted Tine said...

I totally want tortellini right now.

But instead, we're about to sit down to a meal of enchiladas.

I've never had homemade tortellini before, but it's now on my list. Considering how pastry-like these things can be in prep, there's no reason we couldn't pull it off ourselves...

Speaking of which, I still need to get Steph the pasta making attachment for her mixer. I think that'd help entice her. :)


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