Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Taste what you can only see at Food Network!

BAM! A nice delicious break! Taking time off to give yourself a break is not only recommended but necessary. Being a food lover, and finding a celebrity chef restaurant "kicked vacation up a notch." Yes, you guessed it, Emeril’s restaurant. Before starting a day of adventure at the Harry Potter theme park, we stopped and made reservations to try the cuisine of celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, star of the Food Network’s hit show Emeril Live. This is a very popular restaurant that features sophisticated Creole-based gourmet meals. The focal point of the restaurant is a busy, open kitchen where you can observe the chefs preparing the meals. The restaurant also boasts a 12,000-bottle wine gallery. That’s not all.  For the cigar aficionado, Emeril’s offers a cigar bar with a wall-sized humidor, and an aperitif bar.

After a full and overcrowded day at the Universal Studios theme park, our family was welcomed warmly and seated promptly even though we were very early to our reservations. I wasn’t sure about our relaxed attire, but being located right outside an amusement park, I guessed it was completely understood.  I was expecting an over-exposed, and weary menu that would require a long time to make a decision, but that is not the case! No translator necessary with the menu, ha ha ha!

 Kid's cheese tortellini 

Lemon-Thyme Chicken Breast

We enjoyed a great meal;  delicate cheese tortellini, Lemon-Thyme Chicken Breast that was grilled under a brick and served with  roasted potatoes, garlic wilted spinach, sun-dried tomato a├»oli. We also tried New Orleans Chicken & Andouille Gumbo, the most delicious pecan cheesecake and a fantastic bread pudding with a touch of honey!  If you haven't had an Emeril experience yet, this is a great starting place. I understand he owns several restaurants, so if you have a chance, give him a try.  I have a few celebrity chef meals I would like to try, Giada de Laurentis, Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, Mario Batali, and Alton Brown. I know not all of the mentioned have restaurants, but I still would love to eat their creations if given a chance.

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The Twisted Tine said...

That sounded like an awesome trip... and with a vacation of that scale, you've got to treat your taste buds well. :)

When I lived in California, I had several opportunities to eat at some amazing restaurants, as well as work closely in the support of a few where I worked. The majority of the best places I'd eaten were ones I had never heard of and I might even have a hard time remembering all their names, but almost nothing compares with dining at a quality restaurant.


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