Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bahlsen Pfeffernüsse Cookies

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I discovered pfeffernusse cookies years ago living abroad and was so happy when I found these cookies in the states. I love these cake-like spicy gingerbread cookies coated with a sugar glaze, just awesome! They keep well stored in a cold-dry place in their sealed bags. So the day after Christmas, I make sure I get a few of these bags that have been marked down 50 percent off or more. Like I said, they keep well. In fact, the flavor of Pfeffernüsse intensifies and sharpens with age.  

My wife loves gingerbread cookies so this is a win-win situation. We can’t buy too many of these cookies! They make a great treat to add to your Valentine’s celebration.  Place them on a cooling rack and drizzle with white chocolate and colored sprinkles.

Arrange on a plate and enjoy the compliments.  Caution... these cookies may be addictive.

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booann said...

LOL ! I have a bag in the cabinet and an open one on my bed side table. Hot chocolate and Pheffernüsse as an evening snack, yummmmmmmm. I ration them out as long as I can.

Carlos said...

I am telling you they are good~

The Twisted Tine said...

I think I may have had some of these before... almost as if I can taste them and their texture in my mouth, but I don't recognize the name in the slightest. I wonder if I can find any around here, or if I'll have to wait until next winter...


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