Monday, November 7, 2011

Turkish Delight


Locoum, more popularly known as “Turkish Delight” is a candy that originated in Turkey in the 1700's.  It is the best-loved confection of the eastern Mediterranean area. Turkish Delight, while it's most closely linked with Turkey, is equally well-loved in Greece, Armenia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and other countries in that area.  In the United States of America, Turkish delight is not an especially popular candy and yet it has a unique niche in the market. Liberty Orchards is the largest producer of "Turkish Delight" in the United States. The company founders were both Armenian immigrants from Turkey. They brought with them to America a terrific recipe for "locoum" that later on led to the development of their first product, "Aplets".  Today, the company  offers a wide range of fantastic, high-quality, locoum-style candies to suit every taste.

This gelatin-based candy reminds me of tradition and holiday treats that were a favorite in my family.  Each year our stockings at Christmas held similar treats that we always looked forward to finding.  Remember gum drops, orange slices and fruit cake?  Now my children have gummi bears and a selection of gummi fruit slices that they enjoy.  

Times change, traditions alter, but nevertheless, the time spent together as a family is what counts the most.  Hopefully everyone has a tradition that they can pass on to future generations.  Maybe if not "Turkish Delight", then maybe something else that invokes wonderful memories and cherished pastimes.

Fruit slices, nuts, fudge & and thumb print cookies are some of our favorite holiday treats.

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