Friday, November 4, 2011

Paperwhites, an easy way to beautify and add natural fragrance to a room.

Fall brings a lot of traditions with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas time. Speaking of traditions, it is that time of the year to get your fall bulbs in the ground and also to force them indoors to enjoy their fragrance and attractiveness. I like to purchase them at a local nursery where I can pick them based on their size and their firmness.

 A healthy bulb will produce a healthy plant with much better chance for germination. Blooming can also be affected if you start with a puny bulb. With that said, do yourself a favor and visit your favorite nursery today to get them going and to enjoy them for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Once purchased, you simply find a container that you can put decorative rocks in the bottom and then place the bulbs on top of the rocks.  Fill the container with just enough water to bring contact with the bottom of the bulb.  Some people find it easier to use a tall container that will support the foliage when they are fully grown.  You can also choose to use wire supports (found at your local nursery or garden center) if you have a favorite dish or pot that has sentimental value.  It takes a few weeks for them to root and then reach blooming stage.  Keep water at the base of the bulb much like you would water a houseplant.  Do not allow water to sit around or over the sides of the bulb or they will rot.  Plant several pots of bulbs and space the planting time a week or so apart to extend your floral display.

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