Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome Autumn - Fall Crop.

As we approach cool weather, it is easy to distinguish the many changes happening in the environment that surrounds us. Daylight is taking a little longer to arrive in the mornings. It is not particularly pleasant to sit outside on the deck, since the mornings have gotten slightly cold. However, it is the time of year to enjoy the last hurrah of the garden and its many cool-season veggies. The radishes are rapidly maturing. The lettuces are just beautiful clumps of healthy plants, and the amazing blue-silvery color on the broccoli leaves reaffirm my belief that there is a God. Nature can’t be more attractive; we need to be enjoying every season for what they bring to our daily life, and embrace it. Funny, I just got a message from a friend that posted a picture of a sign that said, “Enjoy the little things in life, for some day you will realize they were the big things.” It does kind of make you reevaluate life, huh?

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