Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sustainable Seafood

Chef Alton Brown of Food Network: Iron Chef America & Good Eats
Sustainable seafood? What does that mean? Sustainable seafood refers to fish that are caught or farmed with consideration and long-term opportunity in mind to help maintain an ecological balance. In other words, sustainable seafood is fish we should consume and protect for our future generations. Although awareness of the “Sustainable Concept” is increasing, we are still over fishing. As consumers of seafood, we can choose fish from better managed fisheries to minimize our impact on the environment. Recently our local market hosted a cast iron cook-off and the event was conducted by Alton Brown from the Food Network: Good Eats and Iron Chef America. His interests include creating awareness of the abundant varieties of seafood available. There is such vast selection that is hardly ever prepared because we have limited knowledge of what and how to cook it. According to a news release, one-third of all fished species have reached near-extinction because we consume very few types of fish.  Mr. Brown and the Tennessee Aquarium are doing a fantastic job teaching and educating the public about sustainability. Many of our local restaurants are also interested in taking up the cause and have included in their menus delicious meals using sustainable fish.  The Tennessee Aquarium features five fish species as part of their sustainable educational effort: Channel Catfish, Rainbow Trout, Yellowtail Snapper, Oysters and American Lobster.

                             Alton Brown diving in one of the Tennessee Aquarium tanks.

Executive Chef Matt Pinner from the Broad Street Grille created this black quinoa and shrimp dish. 
Alton Brown revealed the secret ingredient "pink farm raised shrimp from Florida" and the competitors got inspired to prepare their succulent dishes! 

Tennessee Aquarium
Tennessee Aquarium - View from the Walnut Street Bridge



Kirsten@My German the Rockies said...

Carlos, this is a wonderful post!!!
I only shop with my "fish guide" for fish and won't eat it at a restaurant if it is not on the list or they can't tell me where the fish comes from.
May you also would like to share these links with your readers. I have a little guide in my purse. It is very helpful.

Here it is:

Oh, there is another one:

Again, Great post!!

Unknown said...
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FishWise said...

To learn more about sustainable seafood options in your area or to learn what retailers are doing to supply sustainable seafood options visit

Carlos said...

Thanks for the nice comments, this is the link to the pocket list Kirsten sugested


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