Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ain't afraid of no goast

Have you decorated your house for Halloween yet? Time is running out. I usually don’t go too crazy with Halloween decor; I save my energy for Christmas, but I do display a pumpkin here, a candy dish there. 

No matter how old you may be, Halloween can be either a "spooky" holiday or one filled with lots of fall colors enhanced with, colorful mums, pumpkins, bales of straw, and edible treats. I like to use some  lights to entertain passersby at night and of course so the kids can see when we arrive home each evening.  Before we had kids, our fall display was really focused on the changing of the seasons.  For the past ten years however, we have really allowed the creepy to crawl into our decorating!

One helpful tip that we have used several times:  Halloween decorations are purchased after Halloween for the following year.  We never buy anything unless it has been marked anywhere from 50-75 percent off.  Each year we have managed to find something that really adds to our scary display!

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