Monday, September 19, 2011

Coffee & Beans From the "Ground"

 I am a coffee enthusiast. When I was young and living in South America, I   had a friend, whose parents owned a land where coffee grew like wildfire. Out of curiosity we decided to roast and make the best cup of coffee ever.  We hand picked and dried beans on a concrete slab. Later on, we finally got to the roasting process where we experimented with flavors such as brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. It was a fun project but a lot of work as you can imagine.


I do enjoy a tasty well brewed cup of coffee, especially after drinking my first cup. I am not sure why the first cup of the day tastes so good in comparison with the second one. Is it psychological or is it because taste buds have been on idle for the duration of the night and they just get jolted with the first sip? That is a mystery to me. So, if I have money to splurge, I would spend it on my second cup.   A latte or just a fresh cup of Kenya AA mmm! At any rate, coffee is like a gift from earth to us "the mortals". If you like to drink it, it will bring pleasure to your life and the power to function through the morning. If you skip it, an evil spirit will hunt you down, and probably cause chaos in your life.


shoppingtosaving said...

I loved this post especially your last line about an evil spirit hunting me down. I was trying to ween myself off coffee but it is too good to resist and your post affirms that :)

Manding. said...

i absolutely appreciate the same. and i love that grinder. may be a pain to grind beans but it sure looks more awesome than my krupps one.

ps, !

Carlos said...

Thanks for the comments! It is truly a pleasure to find a about the blog!


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