Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cutting edge

If a bed without blooms looks great, imagine it with plants developing throughout the seasons, bringing different colors everywhere. When creating a new bed or working on an existing one, shaping and defining the bed will give you the foundation necessary to showcase the landscape. Curves generate interest and soften sharp corners.

Mark out where the planting bed will be by outlining it. The best way to outline your planting bed is laying down a garden hose and moving it till you have attained desired shape of the bed. While you are doing that, remember you will have to mow around it at one time or another. With that in mind, create soft curves and get on your riding lawn mower or behind your push mower and follow the flow of your bed. If it is going to be hard to mow, adjust the hose till you find the right shape. Use a can of marking paint that only sprays when the can is inverted, and spray the lines on the ground by following the hose.
If you are reshaping your bed, all you need to do is cut the along the mark with a flat spade. Treat the area with pre-emergent to avoid weeds and then mulch for the finished look.  For a new bed, figure out what you want to plant and how much space you will need to plant it. Select plants that will give you different heights, textures and colors. Till the ground and add rich compost or nature’s helper to amend the soil.  Install your plant material, mulch and water it. Sit back, relax and admire your beautiful work. 

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