Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pucker up: Appletini in the making!

Appletini, sometimes referred to as an Apple Martini, is a very popular drink. However, a hard-core martini-drinker may argue that this drink is not a Martini. After all, it is fruity, green, sweet, and there are no olives in it. What’s true is the fact that people do love this drink and it is here to stay. As with any drink made only with spirits, it should be stirred. Shaking it will introduce air bubbles, making this cocktail less smooth. 

2 oz of vodka
½ oz  Sour Apple Pucker schnapps

You can use any apple liquor, but Pucker takes it to the next level. Garnish with orange or green apple peel, and you can adjust the amounts of alcohol depending on your taste.  

Serve in Martini glass.  Be creative and experiment with the drink and presentation.  Make it fun and always drink responsibly.

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