Saturday, January 1, 2011

No resolutions here, just an adjustment of lifestyle.

OK, 2011 is here. Incredible, isn't it? I am hoping for a healthier year, so I am giving you my unsolicited advice. Make dinner the last meal of the day. If you like that midnight snack or "some" ice cream before going to bed, you need to change your ways. According to experts, dinner represents 30% of the total amount of food consumed during a day. It is beneficial to have light dinners prepared on a grill with very little oil and  steamed vegetables as much as possible. Fried food with lots of fat, sauces, simple carbohydrates and unnecessary calories need to be avoided before going to bed. These types of meals, including snacks before bedtime, will trigger rapid weight gain and they are unhealthy.

Also, do not make the mistake of skipping dinner! If you do, it will slow down your metabolism, and you will not be consuming the necessary calories to maintain a healthy life. A good way to eat healthier is getting in the habit of planning your meals and preparing your dinners ahead of time. When we arrive home tired from a long day, it is easy to eat the wrong food when you are hungry for a big hamburger, a sack of fries and a chocolate shake!

In conclusion, plan carefully what you will have for dinner, choose a healthy snack if you must have one and you'll  lose unwanted weight and improve your health in no time.
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My Kitchen in the Rockies said...

Happy New Year, Carlos!
Skipping dinner? Never!

Daniel said...

It's somewhat amusing you mention this, because I've taken on the habit of having what my girlfriend calls "Second Dinner"... not that I feel that I'm overdoing anything with this, but I'm a fan of eating a bowl of cereal while doing our nightly routine.

I justify this in that I usually have a late breakfast, or will skip lunch entirely on most days.

But, you do have a good point... dinner should be la fin...


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