Thursday, December 9, 2010

Simple, Elegant and Easy .....

This is very easy to do: 

In today's economy, everybody is "looking" for ways to cut back and save money. Having family and friends over for dinner can be expensive if you are not careful. Besides serving a delightful meal, you want your home to look inviting, and your dinner table to be as enjoyable as it can be. Make sure you have a seating arrangement planned and your table looking like this is a major event. Your china, silverware, glasses and napkins should be set and do not forget to have a table centerpiece. Creating your own centerpiece is easy. You do not have to go all out and spend tons of money to get an elegant and beautiful look. Keep in mind that more is not always better and it is elegant to keep it simple. Floating candles, fresh-cut flowers or just candles on a white plate with a just a few green sprigs from your garden would do the trick.
Cut flowers are easy to arrange and they accentuate your dinner table. 

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