Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Home Clean Home!

If I were to inspect your kitchen, like commercial kitchens are inspected by the Health Department, would you get a failing grade? Should we be more concerned about food safety at home? The kitchen is the room in your house that needs to be kept clean for health reasons. One thing we do not want to do is encourage bacteria growth where we store and prepare our meals. Yes, kitchens can be difficult to keep clean because they are the heart of a home and family members are always there to get or prepare something to eat.
 1 teaspoon (5 milliliters) of chlorine bleach in 1 quart 
(about 1 liter) of water can be used to sanitize your sink. 

In commercial kitchens, you would have to have a three compartment sink or a commercial heavy duty dishwasher just to be able to operate. All bottles must me labeled and stored accordingly. Canned goods may not have dents and cleaning supplies should be stored in a designated area at all times. A bottle of a cleaning product left on top of a counter, would cost you points from your score. 
In our homes we don’t have to have test strips to check the PH of the water we use to wash our dishes because we are not regulated by a government agency. You can leave dirty dishes in your sink for days if that is what you wish. Is that disgusting? You bet it is… but your kitchen won’t get shut down for that.  Would you eat at a restaurant that leaves dirty dishes all night for the AM crew to clean up or sit at a table that has not been wiped and is full of crumbs?  These thoughts should be in our minds as a reminder that a clean kitchen is not just for aesthetics but, more importantly, it is for our health.

Spray windows with one part vinegar added to four parts water solution then wipe clean with crumpled newspapers. The newspaper helps prevent streaks.

Obsessive cleanliness is one of the symptoms of OCD...  I got it under control LOL 
  P.S. MEYER'S products are amazing! If you are concerned with the environmental effects of conventional cleaning products, you need to try them.  I need to thank my coworker "Andrea Bridger" for introducing me to these products and adding to my OCD.  Way to  go Andrea!


The Breakfast Lover said...
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The Breakfast Lover said...

Se que en USA los pretzels no se comen para desayunar...pero es que me gustan tanto que tenía que incorporarlos a mi desayuno!
La cocina es mi lugar preferido de la casa, pero si es verdad que requiere mucho mantenimiento, siempre hay algo que limpiar!!!


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