Monday, October 11, 2010

They are wrapped in Greens!

As with most generations, we have seen our share of changes. From the microwave to the cell phone, from typewriters to word processors, these changes have affected the way we conduct and view our lives.  Transformation has also taken place within the culinary world.  Our palettes have grown from what used to be a “meat and potatoes” routine to a healthier, more sensible diet.  Now we can see many families incorporating foods that are simple, easy to prepare and have a world of taste experiences.  I recently used a colorful garden spinach herb wrap to make a delicious light lunch.  The preparation was quick; the ingredients easy to find.  I used turkey, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce.  A dressing where mayonnaise was kicked up with taco seasoning was used to blend all the flavors.  The final presentation was dressed up by cutting the wraps diagonally and placing them in clear glass containers that were lined with cones made out of banana leaves.

 Mix 1/2 cup of mayonnaise with 2 teaspoon of taco seasoning 

 Shred one cup of cheese, 

Chop about a cup of lettuce
 Thin slices of tomatoe

Thin slices of turkey 
Follow the pictures for an easy 

 ...and let me wrap this post up!



Can you make me one? :)

Daniel said...

This is most excellent... I'd be liable to give this a try. Although I'm ashamed to admit, I don't eat tomatoes. Everyone under the sun that I know thinks I'm bizarre for this, but I'm quite certain that in their raw form, I've consumed about a bites worth of tomatoes during my entire life. I couldn't tell you why...

But, put a squirt of ketchup in the mayo/taco mix, and we might have some room to talk.

Yeah, I admit it; I have issues. :) Good post, Sir.

Nubia said...

wow that looks seriously delicious. Awesome blog

The Breakfast Lover said...

OoooH! me gustan mucho! me podria comer todo dentro de un Wrap. Esta muy bien la presentaciĆ³n que haces dentro de un vaso, es muy original. Y tambien la manera de crerrarlos porque yo siempre lo hago mal y hay comida por todo!

Alejandro said...

That looks good !

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