Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Finding enjoyment out of life is essential. Many of us work all kinds of hours at our regular jobs and the commute home could be the road that will lead us to our second job. In fact, coming home may feel a little overwhelming knowing that you have to pick-up the kids, stop at the store to grab a gallon of milk, get the mail, walk the dog and deal with dinner. Sound familiar? I am sure it does. That is a description of a typical American family night. Trying to incorporate a healthy diet into our daily meal on top of all that can be a real challenge. 
 I don’t know about you, but there are some "moments" in our busy day that make it all worthwhile. We all want our family to be healthy and enjoy those moments. Hugs from a loved one, being able to do something that you really enjoy (watch a football game, go for a walk, have friends over and hang out, take a vacation trip with the kids) those are the things that ought to motivate us to live a healthier life.

My blog is neither a cookbook nor a way to make money. My blog was created to be an interactive blog; a way to share thoughts, cheer people up when down and yes, to talk and teach a little bit about food and food preparation. I will be incorporating easy and healthier recipes as well as motivational entries. When you know that your dinner will be easy to prepare, delicious to serve and healthy for your family, your commute home will be as pleasant as a “Leave it to Beaver” episode.

Yes,  I will have some good "not so good for you" recipes as well .... Just remember MO D E R A T I O N !

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My Kitchen in the Rockies said...

Yes, life with kids and all their activities can get very overwhelming. I still feel that a family dinner every night is very important.
I often cook in the mornings, before we leave the house, so dinner is easy when we come home. It is all from scratch! Yes, it is a challenge, but doable. "Not so good recipes for you", are not really necessary. It just needs some planning, really.
Trust me, if I can do it, everybody can. Promised!!


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