Monday, September 6, 2010

When it comes to cooking and entertaining, everyone should have at least one Paula Deen in their family!  A go-to person that can pull together a meal or get-together with apparent ease.  What would take the average person days of preparation and planning, seem to be accomplished at the drop of a hat.  Our Paula Deen is our Grandma Anne.

Like Paula, she loves to laugh and entertain – her favorite quote is “the more, the merrier”.  Her passion for her family and friends can well be seen in the delicious food that she serves.

Most recently, Grandma Anne (and her grilling chef Grandpa Steve) entertained family and friends for Labor Day.  A great philosophy they use:  keep it simple, make it flavorful and make it fun.   For Labor Day, easy appetizers (like humus, bruschetta and guacamole) were followed with grilled meat and veggies.  Effortless dishes of deviled eggs, fruit salad and Capri salad were combined for the meal.

The grand finale included a selection of desserts like homemade ice cream, sour cream pound cake and Great Aunt Olive’s Quaker oatmeal cookies.  What a treat!


Pomegranate Martini

BBQ Ribs and Paula Deen's grilled onions


Dinner Time 


Great Aunt Olive’s Quaker oatmeal cookies

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