Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't look at me....I don't have gas!

When it comes to cooking a meal, gas stoves have been the main choice of professional chefs for a long time. Just watch the Food Network channel and you would have to agree with me. Many people think that gas stoves have many advantages over electric stoves. Changes in temperature setting on an electric stove are gradual; therefore gas stoves cook more evenly. Electric stoves tend to heat up the kitchen more than a gas stove would and who likes to cook in a hot kitchen? I still think some day I would love to have a gas stove among other kitchen gadgets. But if you ask me, you can cook a mean meal with an electric stove all day long. Another thing I like about electric stoves, is the fact that spills on a flat top stove are very easy to clean up! 

 What are your thoughts?

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