Monday, July 26, 2010

Keeping up with the Javas

In today’s lattes society, there are many options to consider other than just the conversational topic for the afternoon cup of java. For example, where to meet for coffee, what kind of coffee to order, flavored or non-flavored, regular, light or decaffeinated, which is better for our diet, which is easy on the budget, etc.
We went from “small, regular or large to all that new mumbo jumbo. Yes, we have to adapt to changes to be cool and this is one more change to add to the list. The other day I was standing in line behind a person that appears to be a gas station coffee drinker kind of guy. The young lady taking the order asked him “if he would like a venti “....ah Venti? What the %@!* is a venti?  It is a good thing I wasn’t drinking my coffee at the time cause I thought that was too funny. I was feeling well educated when it was my turn to ask for a skinny Kenya AA macchiato.

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