Saturday, July 31, 2010

Drive thru Windows – Good Idea! Seriously?

If you are always in a hurry like me, at one point or another, you have gone thru a fast food drive thru window. I am telling you it is not a good idea. At peak hours, be prepared to spend time at a line and to get something that you simply did not order.  Hi welcome, can I interest you in getting a supper size banana smoothie today? No, I just want a number 2 please.  I am sorry, can you say that again? A NUMBER 2! Many times you end up missing something that ordered and paid for.  Sometimes your hamburger will have extra onions after asking for none or the soda had no syrup or perhaps you just simply have no napkins! Fast food order mistakes happen a lot. It's a sad reality that we all have live with. Speaking of mistakes, a drive thru weddings window?

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