Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ichiban Night - Fourtune cookies included

It is a Saturday night at The Ichiban and it is definitely a happening place. With this in mind, be aware you may have to wait a long time for your table to be ready if you go there. If you have kids like we do, make sure they have something to entertain themselves. We waited about 45 minutes for our party to be called. Our meal was prepared at our private grill; it was quite a show. Chef flipped and tossed our food around on the grill. We had an erupting volcano made out of onion slices. We all stayed entertained throughout the food making process. The chef was wonderful and very tentative to my son who was celebrating his 9th birthday.  Looking at my son’s facial expressions you could tell he was having a great time. The food was vey tasty and well presented. The staff was very friendly and made this birthday celebration a memorable one. Be aware that showmanship is not cheap, so don’t compare prices with other restaurants that lower the temperature of their dining area so you hurry up and leave as soon as you are done eating.


Fashion Chalet said...

I like the image and fortune cookies :)


cryystal.ball said...

I like that picture. I always wondered how a fortune cookie is made. maaybe you cna post a recipe?


Carlos said...

Thanks... That is a great idea!

Carlos said...

The good thing about a fortune cookies is they are so full of hope. Yummy!


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