Friday, October 9, 2009

Intencifying and infusing flavors

Peppers do not have to be like regular boring peppers!  In today's kitchen, where chefs like to enhance the flavors of their dishes and "Fru-Fru" their  menus with unpronounceable words, roasted peppers are a must. Roasted peppers are so easy to make and their flavors are incredible. Try them if you haven't. You won't believe your taste buds. Brush them with olive oil, bake in a pan in a preheated oven or on a hot grill. After their skin turns charred, put them in a covered container. The steam will loosen up the charred and burnt skin. Remove their skin and presto! Roasted Peppers. 

Infuse your EVOO  (extra virgin olive oil) with roasted peppers, garlic or fresh herbs such as: basil, rosemary or tarragon. Just heat the oil with your favorite herbs (I use a double boiler).  You can use a small pot and heat the oil at a very low temperature for about 30 minutes. 


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