Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What’s your favorite breakfast place and what you order there?

A few weeks ago, on Saturday morning, I was driving to work and passed one of my favorite places to eat breakfast  I love their bagels and even though they have an extensive display of goodies, I always end up ordering a bagel.  Usually I get a Cinnamon Crunch or their Asiago Cheese bagel. 
 This particular day however, I stopped at a place that was recommended to me . I heard they have a good cinnamon roll among other things. OMG, their cinnamon rolls are reminiscent of Christmas morning with homemade cinnamon rolls baking in the oven, fresh coffee brewing and the anticipation of Santa’s gift.  The rolls are yeast rolls,   light and with the right amount of cinnamon. They  are topped with icing that makes your tongue want to slap your brain!  Again, the connection of food, time and places comes up once again (August 19, 2009 post).  Since I am at work early in the morning, the place is almost empty and allows me to enjoy a few minutes of solitude. I eat my roll and drink my coffee while I read the headlines and watch the world awaken outside the window.
 What's your story?

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