Friday, August 28, 2009

Behaving when food is brought to the office

People go crazy with food.  Today, someone brought a box of fresh doughnuts to the office. You should see how silly people behave when there is food around. The box was placed on the coffee break counter early in the morning.  Normally, all we are expecting is coffee, and seeing a pastry box semi-opened on the counter made my coworkers  look both ways. Not sure why, but people quickly assumed that this was a trick and that it was just an empty box.   Soon, getting closer to the box, you could smell fresh goodies. For a minute, the thought that these could be old leftover doughnuts, probably half-eaten crossed people’s minds. By 8:00, more people were arriving and so there was no more guessing. The box was wide open and people were digging in.  Man, comments were all over the coffee break area. “I like this one”; “I want that one” ….. Oh, lord who brought doughnuts? There goes my diet.  Dad gum! Who brought this?  Hey, grab me one for later! Is there any more coffee left …

 So you see, think about your fellow co-workers the next time you stop for a scone or a bagel and bring a box of freshly baked goodies. Be a hero and bring the animal side out of us working people.

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