Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Food and Memories

I remember a cookie cake my grandmother used to make while I was growing up. The cake was made out of cookies that she softened in milk and then layered with some sort of cream made out of chocolate, sugar & butter. I wish I knew how she made it, my wife and kids would love to eat a piece of that cake and know that it was my grandmother 's magnificent recipe.

Food is like music. It can transport you in an instant to places and episodes of your life that you have forgotten. For example, you sink your teeth into a warm homemade biscuit filled with egg, sausage and cheese and you may be transported to someone's kitchen from your childhood. Cooking to bring the past into the present and turning the present into lasting memories is not difficult. I try to come up with new-fangled recipes that make people happy. Who knows, maybe I will create my own everlasting cookie cake recipe to be remembered by.

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