Saturday, August 22, 2009

Corn Soufflé or Corn Pudding?

Attempting to make something interesting for dinner using corn as a main ingredient, I got pinned against a wall with two choices. You guessed it, Corn Soufflé or Corn Pudding.

Corn pudding sounds unappetizing if you ask me. Corn Soufflé on the other hand, is like driving an Aston Martin through the crowds in Piazza San Marco.  Trust me, you will get all the attention. 

Piazza San Marco - Italy

What is the difference I asked myself? Both recipes call for the same ingredients basically: corn, eggs, milk, sugar, corn starch & butter. 
Oh! la difference, pardon my French, is the way you handle the eggs. Soufflé is more delicate and you must beat the egg whites until you achieve a foamy mountain of air bubbles. These tiny little bubbles are FOLDED with the other ingredients. When the bubbles are heated in the oven, a masterpiece is created and you can almost hear the cheers of your dinner guests as you pull the soufflé out of the oven. 

With that said, don’t give up on your traditional southern Corn Pudding. This casserole dish is also very delicious and mighty good. If you don't have time to whip bubbles and fold, this is your clear choice. All you do is mix and dump all the ingredient in a baking dish, and bake 'til golden and bubbly!

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