Thursday, August 27, 2009

Barista, can that be a synonymous of Obsession ?

 A barista is not a just a coffee maker. I would dare to say that he or she is an artist that uses coffee as a canvas.  A few years ago, I got a  a job as a manager of a coffee bistro.  I am a coffee lover and I have been drinking coffee from espresso machines since I was very young. In my new venture I was determined to learn all about brewing a good cup of coffee.  I had to learn how to grind the  coffee beans to make sure they would produce the perfect espresso shot with a thick layer of golden brown Crema.
The amount of pressure that needs to be applied to the tamper and the level of the coffee in the filtering basket always affects the final product. Brewing  a perfect cup of java that will deliver the taste and aroma of good espresso can be obsessing.  You are always wondering if the next brew will be better. Oh wait, then someone  would ask for a cappuccino. So, then I had to  prepare the milk. I always used cold milk.  Semi-skimmed is the best milk to use. You have to dip the nozzle in the milk making sure the jug is no more than 1/2 full. You hold the jug so that it is at an angle and nozzle only just under the surface of the milk. As you turn on the steam and let the milk spin and bubble, the jug needs to be moved up and down gently to create more froth.   Some of my customers never new  how much work went into preparing their favorite drinks. All I wanted was to deliver the best darn cup of coffee they could  ask for and some days a smile would surface after the first sip and that, my
readers,was my reward.

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